Does Appendicitis Go Away? Doctor Explains.

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Appendicitis can go away without surgery (only with antibiotic treatment). However, the incidence of recurrence (appendicitis coming back) is high. Also, the time of treatment is crucial. Early treatment with antibiotics has better chances of improvement.

Does appendicitis go away on its own without surgery?

Appendicitis is an acute state of inflammation. Appendicitis can go away on its own (especially if treated with antibiotics). However, the incidence of complications such as perforation and recurrence is higher without surgery.

In 1959, Dr. Coldrey published the first high-quality study about this topic. Dr. Coldrey treated 471 patients with acute appendicitis using intravenous antibiotics (not surgery) (reference).

The incidence of complications and recurrence was high. For example, appendicitis recurred in 10.2% of the patients treated with antibiotics without surgery.

Another Russian study on 252 patients treated with appendicitis without surgery concluded that early treatment is more effective. The success rate of antibiotic therapy was 84% (reference).

In China, one study treated 425 patients with acute appendicitis with antibiotics. Of the 425 cases, seven patients had recurrent appendicitis (reference).

The more recent high-quality clinical trials:

  • Dr. Styrud and his team treated 128 with antibiotics and 124 with surgery. Unfortunately, the antibiotic treatment failed to control appendicitis in 18 of the 128 patients, requiring surgery.
  • Out of the remaining 110, 16 experienced recurrence of appendicitis within one year (reference).
  • A more interesting study found that complications were more with surgery than in conservative treatment (reference). However, you should note that patients undergoing surgery have more severe forms. So, the result doesn’t mean that conservative treatment is often better than surgery.

My advice to you:

  • Appendicitis can go away without surgery (only with antibiotic treatment). However, the incidence of recurrence (appendicitis coming back) is high.
  • Also, the time of treatment is crucial. Early treatment with antibiotics has better chances of improvement.
  • Appendicectomy remains the standard treatment of appendicitis. However, the risk of recurrence and complications is probably higher without surgery.
  • As a doctor, I strongly advise against trials to self-treat appendicitis. Instead, ask for emergency medical help as soon as you suspect appendicitis.
  • Appendicitis is a rapidly progressive intraabdominal inflammation. Serious complications such as perforation can occur if you’re late.

Does appendicitis go away after surgery (can they come back)?

Appendicitis pain can come back again after going away. This is more common if you didn’t undergo an appendectomy.

Researchers did a microscopic pathological examination of appendices in a series of patients undergoing an appendectomy.

In one study on 269 Italian patients, 14.2% of them were found to have evidence of chronic inflammation of their appendices.

These patients reported appendicitis pain that continued to come and go for weeks or months before the appendectomy operation (reference).


But, can appendicitis come back after surgery?

Surprisingly, Research found that some patients may re-experience appendicitis pain after appendectomy.

Inflammation of the remnants of the appendix (stump appendicitis) is reported in the studies (reference).

However, this is an infrequent complication of appendectomy. The leading cause of recurrence of appendicitis is non-operative treatment.

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Does appendicitis pain go away with anoanorectalgesics such as ibuprofen?

Appendicitis pain does go away with anoanorectalgesics such as Ibuprofen. But it is not allowed to take anoanorectalgesics if appendicitis is suspected. This will mask the appendicitis complications and may lead to severe consequences.

Your doctor will not be able to determine the severity of your condition. Abscess formation and perforation of the appendix are not rare. Ibuprofen and other anoanorectalgesics will mask the symptoms of such complications.

Never take anoanorectalgesics if you suspect appendicitis. Instead, seek emergency medical help and ask your doctor about the best way to relieve pain.

Can appendicitis pain go away without any treatment (on its own)?

Leaving appendicitis without surgery or antibiotics is dangerous. Appendicitis can go away without any treatment. But you are at very high risk of life-threatening complications such as Abscess or perforation.

Don’t ignore suspected appendicitis pain or try home treatments. Don’t take anoanorectalgesics if you suspect appendicitis. The risks of complications are way higher than the chances of appendicitis going away on its own.

Acute appendicitis is a medical emergency. The best decision is to go to the ER or call your doctor to guide you about the best decision.